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Our Staff

All our staff is trained by the International Preschool Cirriculum Team and Respective Enrichment Program Teams. Providing world class training and up skilling is our secret to giving our childrent the best education. We will be posting our teachers profiles shortly.
Manlina Kaur

She is a primary school teacher from Singapore. She has taught for 5 years and also headed the department of science at her school. She has also given private tution for a couple of years. She holds a masters in education from the prestigious national institute of education in Singapore. She has a true passion and desire for teaching children. She believes that education should be life long and this after school program project would help enrich and inculcate a spirit of learning in children here from a very young age and allow children in sri lanka to gain exposure from international programs and curriculum to develop new skills for the new age environment.

IPC Trained Teachers

Developed by Sandy Middleton, an ex-teaching fellow of Harvard University and directed by Dr. Rebecca Reynolds, Ed.D, the course provides a rigorous overview on several subjects that the IPC deems necessary for all teachers at IPC locations.

Join Us

Love children, patient and ready to work with a new age team, join us!
We provide training to all our teachers from the franchises that back our business, we invest in your success. Register your interest below or email us 

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